Check Us Out! We're on Facebook, and We Even Have Business Cards!

We Have an Announcement!

We are the proud parents of a new...

Wait for it...



No, no love child here for us old folks. We just finally got around to making a Facebook page and a website for Bennorth Images. We even had business cards printed. WHAT?!? I know! Now, if we could just remember to slip them in our pockets when we head out!


Have you noticed us online? We realize if you’re reading this on, you know about us, but we'd love for you to check us out, and follow us on Facebook, if that's your thing. If not, and you just want to take a peek, that's okay, too. And if this blog post is not your cup of tea, you can leave right here and now; it will be our little secret. You won't hurt our feelings.

On Facebook, you can find us at Bennorth Images. Our website is WWW.BENNORTHIMAGES.COM


Chuck and I have never had to mutually agree on a name; that happens to couples who marry later in life, especially when the senior couple in question buys more than one dog so each can name his or her own dog. Coming up with a name for our photography business was quite the process.

Our first, most logical choice was Bennorth Photography. Bennorth is not a common name, so we figured that would be our business name. Nope. There is a fellow photographer named Ben North. He got dibs on the URL that includes "bennorthphotography." Dang it.

Then we started brainstorming names. That was tough. Everything we came up with sounded too much like another business, or corny, or just not like us. After awhile, we finally hit upon Bennorth Images. 

We loved it, and we hope you do, too!

We're on Facebook (Bennorth Images) AND the internet ( See? You don't even have to scroll back to the top to find the links. 

No thanks necessary; it's all part of our services here at Happy Acres. ;-)